“Finis,” Frank Lillie Pollack, 1906

“Finis,” Frank Lillie Pollack, 1906 — A curious public waits through the night to catch a glimpse of a new star that has been predicted to appear.  However, when the light from the star reaches earth its heat destroys the world. A man and woman at an observatory greet the last dawn together.

Comments: “Finis” is available in anthologies listed here as well as at Project Gutenberg. Its theme reappears in Larry Niven’s “Inconstant Moon” (1971), a classic of hard sf in which a man spends one last night with the woman he loves; at first, only he is aware that signs in the sky indicate that the sun has gone nova.  In Jack Williamson’s “The Mental Man” (1988) a father is tormented by his child’s fright at the prospect of the sun going supernova. 

Author: Wikipedia: “Frank Lillie Pollack (1876–1957) was an early Canadian science fiction writer.”


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