“A Glance Ahead,” John Kendrick Bangs, 1901

“A Glance Ahead,” John Kendrick Bangs, 1901 – A man is transported into the future and finds himself disembodied. His servant offers him the choice of several bodies, three of which look villainous. One he recognizes as his own. Bodies in this time are both fashion accessories (e.g., a dandy for parties) and functional (e.g., a golfing and prize fighting body). The man learns that in the future, there are no taxes, as the government is socialist, and gold is overflowing for everyone. The future also has labor protections, as all labor part of the government, and his servant even threatens to inform on him for treason, after he criticizes the future for doing away with children in exchange for immortality.

Comments: Tainted by racial remarks regarding “negros” eventually “returning to Africa” to start own nation of mercenaries. Available in Ancestral Voices.

Author: Wikipedia: “John Kendrick Bangs (May 27, 1862 – January 21, 1922) was an American author, editor and satirist.”


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