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Welcome to jennre, a data-blog for the sf-curious academic.  The following summaries and resources are intended for new readers in the genre; old hands may be familiar with most of this material.

Casual readers may enjoy browsing, but they are forewarned that most of material here is directed toward readers in search of information regarding genre-related resources.  Certain pages are long and information-dense.

Why short stories?  The short story was the operational mode of science fiction in its infancy, if not for the better part of the 20th century.  Arguably, it is the most efficient method of introduction to the genre for new readers.

What’s available

  • summaries of 20th-century short stories
  • descriptions of and links to resources


The short stories are summarized by theme and time period (see “Categories” on the right).  At this time, most entries are in chronological order, as they’re being entered from an index, and most of the content is pre-1960.  Texts summarized as of today: 450.

Some classics are included; some are obscure texts that may not have received academic attention.   Please note that some of the early texts are included for their historical value only.  Some are listed as “feminist” not because they are feminist but because they have engendered feminist critique.  In other words, I’m not endorsing all of the content in the summarized texts.

Each contains a brisk plot synopsis, a suggestion as to how you might approach the text, and very general information about the author.  If the text is in the public domain, there may be a link to the text.  A few ISFDB entries and links to criticism are included.

Note: The synopsis may not focus on the plot  (there are other sites dedicated to this purpose; see resources).  I created this data-blog to track texts that might be relevant to my future research, and the summaries are a bit eccentric because they’re slanted toward my interests.

Your comments and corrections 

Your comments and corrections to individual posts or to the blog overall are very welcome.  I apologize in advance for any errors or typos.

–December 31, 2015, last revised